Die verschwundenen Schriftrollen

Als ich mit meinem Meister Urera im Kloster zu Maulbonna in den ehrwürdigen Archiven wühlte und wir Ausschau hielten nach lesbaren und wertvollen Rollen, fiel uns diese eine in die Hände. Sie sollte mir an einem Scheitelpunkt meines Lebens den Weg weisen, obwohl ich davon zu der Zeit noch nichts ahnte.

“ … and thus it came to pass that the gods of those who called themselves Amarr spoke unto Morrus:

‚Thou shall be proud and thou shall protect the intricate knowledge that harbors the ultimate Eudoimonia. Thou shall take pride in this endeavor and stride forth in might. Spread thy knowledge as a gift unto those who have not seen the light, so that we all may bask in Eudaimonia.‘

Morrus felt petrified at being directly addressed by the gods. However, their voices within him rang with strength and filled him with purpose. Now that their echoes faded away, the resolve of their message filled him like the tides. Determination broke his rigor. Bearing confidence and strength never even suspected before, he rose from proneness, and without opening his eyes – their services he would never require again, so they would remained closed – he ascended up, ever dayward, ever skyward, up into the daylight, up into the Light.

77 days and nights had he thus spent in the Caves of Amarr. Henceforth, he would be known from star to star as the Unseeing Seer. It was through the eyes of the gods he beheld things, and it was great things they would behold that would rock the very foundations of those who were … „

(Fragment found in The Temple of the Guardians of the Lost Scrolls)“

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